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Wildly Replenished Woman


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The most incredible gift a woman has is the potential to create life. Her body has the ability to create miracles. Birthing babies is one way.

It is however our highest calling to foremost birth ourselves and to offer our unique gifts to the world.

If a woman knows how to create through the power of her feminine body her life-force is activated into regeneration.

That is the feminine way to birthing anything from babies to designing houses, to creating pieces of art or a business. We are simply made that way.

By healing women and all that is feminine we will heal the world

-Prasanna Diana Manuela

The Wildly Replenished Woman Foundation as part of the Wildstream Community. It supports its members to hold the highest vision for themselves and the world. It offers Replenishment Retreats and Leadership trainings rooted in the principles of nature. Wildly Replenished Woman supports its members to courageously walk towards the change at this momentous time of evolution bringing all of themselves forward leading the way into a new paradigm.


Wildly Replenished Woman Foundation offers programs for women to build resilience in a fast changing world. The Wildly Replenished Woman Foundation is supporting women to awaken to the calling of their heart. It opens them to their innate creative love-and life-force to seed their dreams from a place of replenishment. The Wildly Replenished Woman Foundation offers resources that bring profound self-understanding and connects women with a power that is far greater than they ever imagined.

Our community events & services include but are not limited to:

  • Dream Your Vision - 1 Day Replenishment Retreat

  • Express Your Fire - 1 Day Celebrate Being Seen Retreat

  • Renew Your Spirit – Replenish & Dream Weekend Retreat

  • Archetypal Interview – Discover what #1 Element drives you to succeed or fail

  • Elemental Leadership & Elemental Woman Teacher Training – 6 Month Program

  • One-on-one Mentoring

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Who are we?

We are a Private Membership by Association community. This is a private, membership-based unincorporated organisation and is functioning for humanitarian purposes to improve the lives of communities.

All profits go to humanitarian services. The Wildly Replenished Woman Foundation is dedicated to the education, support and mentoring of community participants who wish to find new meaning after experiencing loss, miscarriages, still births, loss of child, infertility and sexual trauma in general. It’s providing them the foundations, knowledge and wisdom for leading a new life of purpose aligned with nature and the pressing needs of our newly emerging planet earth.

The foundation shall assist community participants to gain education in the field of nature based leadership and support women to thrive and lead others by offering their gifts, talents and expertise to better the world as a whole.

How to join the Wildly Replenished Woman Tribe?

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4. Book a chat to find out more or to receive an Archetypal Assessment

5. Take part in our online or in person community events

6. Build trust, support and resilience in a community of like-minded souls

What you receive upon joining today?

1. 7 Golden Keys to unlock your exuberant creativity and be a resilient awake leader

2. Elemental Leadership Video

3. A Woman’s 9 Essential Keys to Financial Abundance 15min Video Training


Wildly Replenished Woman Tribe!

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We are excited to offer you the opportunity to be part of our tribe and start your journey of feminine empowerment, vitality and creativity.


If you would like to receive services and/or products from Wildly Replenished Woman Foundation, you simply need to register as a member.


All profits go to humanitarian services provided by the Wildly Replenished Woman Foundation. Your generosity supports women who suffer from trauma such as sexual abuse, loss of pregnancy, still births, infertility or loss of baby/children and other sexual trauma.


By healing women and all that is feminine a new world is ready to emerge. Woman is then able to pass down life as the full and abundant feminine, empowering both girls and boys to grow into powerful beings of light leaving the darkness behind once and for all.


Prasanna’s Bio

Prasanna is one of the principle participants of the Wildly Replenished Woman Foundation and fully committed to the rebirthing of our beautiful planet earth.

She is a powerful speaker, mentor and international bestselling author of Elemental Woman. Prasanna loves to spread hope and love with the purity of her heart and is available for speaking engagements in front of smaller and larger audiences.

To invite Prasanna to speak at your next event, summit, podcast or radio show, email [email protected].

In 1995 Prasanna’s world fell apart…

She lost her second baby two days after birth, which turned out to be the biggest catalyst for the work she does in the world. After running a complimentary health centre with 8 practitioners, she withdrew for a decade to living submerged in the Australian bush. During these awakening years Mother Earth began to reveal ancient wisdom for these challenging times. You can read more about this in her 2018 International Bestseller ‘Elemental Woman’.

Today Prasanna speaks to awake audiences paving the way for a whole new way of being. She offers the experience of ‘being interwoven into the golden fabric of LIFE itself’ as she likes to call it. ‘You are part of the breathing body of Mother Earth.’

Prasanna holds space for others to drop into their own dreaming.

This gives rise to creating their life’s work and become a resilient awake leader in these times of great change. Embodying the elements of nature, as shared in her international bestseller Elemental Woman, supports you in tapping into solutions of tomorrow’s problems. It ignites your sexual creative force to powerfully fuel your body in ways that make you feel alive, sensual and full of vitality. This gives you the drive, resilience and embodied power to keep going during challenging times.

When it comes to birthing your life’s work and step into your sacred mentor- and leadership, Prasanna is who you’ve been looking for. 

She inspires a new kind of leadership fit for these challenging times of deconstruction on the one side and the seeding of a new world on the other.

In her experiential live talks she shares wisdom received, integrated and expressed over a course of 30 years or more. Prasanna offers life-changing events virtually and in person.

Her fiercely loving presence inspires others with her rich tapestry of life, her reverence for beauty, nature, family and the freedom to courageously express all of who she is. 

Audiences Prasanna has presented to:

Many half day Events over the years

Podcast and radio interviews

Women’s and Networking Events, Australia & US

GO Festival Melbourne

Seven Sisters Festival, Melbourne

Woman Arising Gathering, Arizona

Vedic Astrology Conference, Arizona

WomanSpeak International Festival, Arizona

The Awakening Event, Melbourne

Contact Prasanna

To invite Prasanna to speak at your next online or in person event, podcast or radio show, email [email protected].

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