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Working with Prasanna and embodying the Elemental Woman Archtypes has had a profound impact on my life. They give me a deeper awareness of my default patterns that are holding me back as well as how to shift out of being stuck. I feel truly blessed and honoured that the starts aligned for Prasanna and I to meet.

For those souls who are ready to embody their soul essence, express their authenticity and create a soul aligned business, Prasanna is the Wise Woman and Divine Goddess in human form. She has a wealth of wisdom to share from her own personal experience.

Prasanna is like the Divine Mother herself. Her warmth, oceanic depth of er beautiful heart and compassion shines through everything she does.



I feel more connected to myself, my body, and myself. I have better understanding of the Archtypes and how they work hand in hand. Prasanna deeply understands my challenges as an Earth Mother Archtype. She has encouraged and supported me in developing simple routine changes in moving forward in my chapter of life.

Prasanna is authenic. She truly honestly cares and wants to assist you on your healing journey... no matter where you are at. She will take your hand and lovingly encourage you to thake the next step... and then the next...

I recommend working in person with Prasanna to feel her love and compassion. Physically spending time with Prasanna is delightful and transformational.



I have discovered patterns that have been with me my whole life - Blockages that have prevented me from really loving and accepting myself and therefore held me back from shinning the light I know I have inside me.

If you are ready for a change... if you want to dissolve your own limits, if you want to create a solid life-giving connection with the universal energy that will help you to create, flow express, learn, love and trust... then DO IT!

Prasanna works in a different way than any other coach and if your heart tells you it's right, then listen to that and TRUST. She is a divine gift to women who want to fulfill their soul ambition. Thank You, Prasanna!


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